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Monteverdi Sierra

1978 Monteverdi Sierra

V8-engine by Chrysler with 5210 cm³ and 160 HP.

Monteverdi was more or less the only Swiss car manufacturer. Its famous "375 High Speed" models of the early 70s are a legend already, but also the smaller Sierra series of the late 70s and early 80s could still proudly wear the exclusive brand name.

What the brochure said: "The classic luxury sedan has become a rarity and an automobile of this nature with perfect styling and modern technical conception is unique. Its classic elegance will appeal to demands of the highest standards. Its impeccable road manners will please the most sophisticated motorists."

Monteverdi Sierra

Brochure of Monteverdi Sierra


Sbarro Stash

1975 Sbarro Stash

V8-engine by Mercedes with 6834 cm³ and 282 HP, V-max 240 kmh.

Sbarro is a Swiss designer and visionary who regularly delights the public and some wealthy car collectors with awesome prototypes and small production runs of super exotic vehicles. The Stash of the 70s was a less radical but very handsome design of a four-seat mid-engined sports car which debuted at the Geneva Salon in 1974. This Sbarro was a good choice for anyone who considered a Ferrari 308 GTS, Lamborghini Urraco or De Tomaso Pantera as too down-to-earth transportation.