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Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2013

February 2013


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Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2013. Start of the rally at Tessaban Office in Cherngtalay

Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2013

On Sunday, 24. February 2013, we started on our second rally event, the Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2013, a roadbook rally around the north-western part of the island. Again we had a colourful selection of classic and sports cars, 20% more than last year, so we a pleased to see that classic car rallies find its enthusiasts on the island. The tour was over a distance of 75km and teams needed good navigators and odometers if they didn't want to risk getting lost on the small B- and C-class roads.

All of us had lots of fun again and we hope to see all teams back on our next rally event. If you own an original classic car, a youngtimer car or a new exotic car, please contact us in english or thai language and we put you on our notification list for future events.

Start at Tessaban Office in Cherngtalay

The line-up includes Christian's Toyota Land Cruiser, Celica GT and Meyers Manx Beach Buggy, driven by him and his friends. Then Roy's MGB and Yoshi's Mercedes 500 SEC.

The line-up continues with the Beetle of our family team Ruth, Jeff, Charlie and Luke, a 1968 Mercedes 280 S driven by Jon and Frank. A little bit hidden is Helen & Peter's Beetle and then Kurt's Datsun Pickup which finished renovation just a few days before.

Mercedes 320 SL driven by our Thai lady team K. Kwan and K. Gaga and our 1979 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT. The Land Cruiser is intended to join the first Burma Classic Car Rally later this year.

1972 Meyers Manx Beach Buggy and MG B

Roy with his MG B at the first test: Speeding a small circuit with the toy on the bonnet that is not allowed to fall off

Test 1: Speed test with dog on the bonnet

A real race on time on a small circuit. The trick was that the dog on the bonnet was not allowed to fall off the car. In case that happened it was the job of the co-driver to put it back before the team could continue the race - of course with precious seconds lost. Roy in his MGB did it well with 40:28 seconds. The fastest time was achieved by Kurt in his Datsun Pickup - 34:22 seconds!

Charlie and Luke with their fabulous Volkswagen Beetle

Great team with a cool car. Charlie and Luke on bord of their Volkswagen Beetle after the race, scoring 5th with 43:78 seconds.

Skyline jump starting the Benz SEC

After the technical problems with our Skyline at last year's rally, we were please to help someone else this time, jump starting the Benz 500 SEC.

Stop at Cafe Racer in Nai Yang area

Stop at Cafe Racer in Nai Yang

Drinks and chats at a short stop at Cafe Racer in Nai Yang. Stefan, Yoshi, Roy and K. Ann prepare for the next stage.

One of the bikes at Cafe Racer

Not the only classic bike in Kurt's Cafe Racer.

Christian's Celica GT Liftback

Super cool Celica GT, just bought a few days ago in Bangkok. The car was in fabulous condition except for a completely rotten tank. But Christian wanted to bring it to the rally and fitted the plastic tank of his dinghy as temporary replacement for the original tank. And that work without any problems - Swiss Engineering!

Christian's Celica GTĀ Liftback

So stylish... K. Kwan and her Benz 320 SL at speed!

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