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Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2012

January 2012


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Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2012.Checkpoint at Leam Khat

Checkpoint at Laem Khat

How did we test the driving skills? One test was parking backwards as close as possible to a box behind the car. Touching the box means that the game is lost. Our best team in this game was Dr. Suchon who left only an incredible single centimeter between his Fintail Benz and the box.

Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2012.Checkpoint at Leam Khat

Peter driving blindfolded...

Another test was driving exactly one meter with a blindfold... who is closest to one meter? Peter in his (well... better say Helen's) Volkswagen Bettle performed well with just 22 cm over the limit. But we had other contestants (we keep quiet about the names...) whom we had to stop by shouting after driving 3 meters and still showing intention to stop.

Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2012. Lotus Exige and Toyota Landcruiser at the checkpoint at Leam Khat

Red MG Midget at Leam Khat / Phuket

Mercedes 280 S with awesome Lexus V8-power at Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2012

Team Jürgen / Karl with Mercedes 280S

Well, this classic car was only Jürgen's second choice after his Jaguar broke down a few kilometers in front of the starting place. In Europe we like to say that Jaguar owners should always have a second car that runs. This Benz with awesome Lexus V8 power did run... at least in the beginning. But some minor starting problems and a broken exhaust could easily be fixed and Jürgen and Karl formidably finished second.

Navigator ladies in front of two vintage Benz

Two beautiful navigator ladies

Khun Jutha (MGA) and Khun Toey (Benz Fintail) proved that ladies can do a good job in navigation (as long as the car runs).

Skyline with floored throttle

Finally our Skyline could show that all 130 horses are still fit despite being 32 years old... easily speeding past the 24 years older MGA.

Jump-starting Benz by Benz

What is the most characteristic photo of a classic car rally? A broken car...

Here the older Benz of Dr. Suchon helps jump-starting the Lexus V8-engine of Jürgen's younger Benz S-Class. But after all the car was back on the road.

MGA struggled with starting problems. The Nissan Skyline still runs... at this time.

Also the white MGA faced starting problems...

Probably the carburettor was flooded, but with the help of some friends pushing the car down a slope the engine finally fired and Nicolas and Jutha finished the rally without any further hassle.

How to repair the fuel system of a classic Benz on our classic car rally

Straight-forward repair of the fuel system

Just add a can of fuel under your bonnet plus some pipe to run the fuel directly to the engine... and Dr. Suchon's Benz Fintail was not only back on the road but even fit enough to finish first. Well, at least as long as this sophisticated system doesn't set the whole car on fire... but only Europeans can have such absurd fears.

Pontiac Le Mans Sedan somewhere near Pa Khlok / Phuket

Not one of the team cars, but one of our questions along the road...

... finding this American classic car along our route and indentifying it. Most of the teams got the brand. It's a Pontiac. But what model? A 1974 Le Mans!

Finally with top down... beautiful MGA Roadster

Finally opening the roof of his MGA Roadster...

If British hardcore roadster enthusiasts knew that someone drives a 50s roadster with air condition and closed roof... they would probably argue that only a French guy in Thailand can do something as weird as that!

Our rally sticker of Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2012

Classic car lovers and enthusiasts enjoy a cold drink after a hot rally

Finish at Thanyapura and finally a chance to fill up thirsty throats

After a great day with lots of fun and after complimenting the team of Dr. Suchon on winning the trophy we sat back, got comfy with a cold drink and ended the evening on a cozy note.

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