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February 2013

Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2013

The second edition of our classic car rally was again big fun for all teams. Read more...


February 2013

Restoration of the Gilbern T11 Prototype

Gilbern was a small UK car manufacturer that started in 1959. Short before the closure of the company in 1973 Gilbern developed the T11 which never made it into production. Just one prototype was (half) finished which has recently been restored by a British enthusiast who sent us photos and an article about his car. Read more...


January 2012

Phuket Classic Car Trophy 2012

We started on Phuket's first real classic car rally and had so much fun. Read more...


November 2011

Heavy duty trip with a vintage 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series in the jungle of Phuket

We went to the end of civilisation and beyond. Read more...


June 2011

High Speed Touring with an excentric Bristol 407

We enjoyed speeding this 50-year old British luxury car with 160 km/h along the motorway. Read more...


April 2011

European Classic Car Events and Rallyes

Trying to escape Phuket's rainy season we decided to discover the European classic car scene. Read more...


Tiger Classic Car Rally 2011 from Bangkok in Thailand to Hanoi in Vietnam

17 February to 17 March 2011

Tiger Classic Car Rally

The Tiger Classic Car Rally 2011 was a unique and very special adventure of 7000km touring through South East Asia in 4 weeks. Read more...


PCF Race Day January 2011 at Laguna Phuket / Thailand

January 2011

PCF Race Day at Laguna Phuket

On the occasion of the PCF Race Day there was a small classic car meeting with about 10 cars. Read more...


Vintages trucks at Patong Carnival Phuket / Thailand

December 2010

Phuket Carnival at Patong Beach

We were most thrilled by a trio of vintage trucks joining this festival, among them this 50 year old Rootes truck. Read more...


Video Shooting with the Vamps on Phuket: Angel Trip

May 2010

Video Shooting by Japanese Rock Band "VAMPS" on Phuket

With the help of Classic Car Club Phuket the famous Japanese rock band VAMPS did a music video shooting in Phuket in May 2010. Hyde and K.A.Z. cruised across the island in a Porsche 356 Speedster performing their latest song ANGEL TRIP. This is the link to the cool and pretty video: VAMPS - ANGEL TRIP

And this is the making of that video.

Read more about this Porsche 356 Speedster...



Khao Yai Classic Car Winter Festival

YouTube Video of Khao Yai Classic Car Winter Festival



Presentation of Mercedes at IAA Frankfurt 2009

September 2009

IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show

We visited the biggest and most famous motor show in the world and found not only hot new cars but also lots of great classic cars. Read more...