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April 2011


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Classic Car Club Phuket goes Europe, attending a classic and sports car rallye in Germany that featured modern classic like the Tesla Roadster and iconic sports cars like the Porsche 911

Easter Rallye in Bavaria / Germany

Trying to escape Phuket's rainy season we decided to discover the European classic car scene. Our first event was the Easter Rallye of a German car club through Bavaria, Germany's southern state that is famous for its scenic mountains, the Alps, and even more for its fabulous castles like Neuschwanstein. With our rented BMW Z4 Roadster we had the perfect vehicle for this trip which meant following a roadbook with lots of tricky hints to find the route and lots of curious questions to answer... well, admittedly we did't have high scores but all the more fun. Great ideas for our next event in Phuket...

Our second event was a vintage and classic cars meeting in the Bavarian village of Mühldorf. It was just amazing to see the array of hundreds of beautiful and rare cars parked side by side. Each of them would turn heads in Phuket... but we know that we should not even think about importing any of them to Thailand.

Tesla Roadster (below). It's challenging to use an electric car with limited battery capacity for a car rallye of more than 200 km... the crew got increasingly nervous when the display showed less and less range but no high voltage power outlets around for charging.

Tesla Roadster - the first electric sports car... we are looking forward to see this car on the road in Thailand

Porsche 911 with Fuchs alloy wheels - this would also be a nice sports car for Thailand, especially on Phuket's small roads

Porsche 911 Coupé (above). This early model of Porsche's iconic sports car, which still features the original Fuchs alloy wheels, has a special history: It was first registered in Japan and later imported back to Germany.

Borgward Isabella Coupé (below). This two door version was the most beautiful of all Isabellas. We have already seen an Isabella Sedan in Thailand, but we are not sure, if there are any coupés?

Borgward Isabella Coupé... does this beautiful car also exist in Thailand?

Dodge Charger 1971 / 1972 - Did one of these most beautiful American muscle cars  make its way to Thailand?

Dodge Charger (above). This third generation Charger is a 1971 / 1972 model with optional hidden headlights. American muscle cars never came in a more beautiful shape than this one.

Chevrolet Camaro (below). The models of 1970 and 1971 are the most elegant of all Camaros with their slim chrome bumpers and double round taillights.

Chevrolet Camaro 1970 / 1971 with slim chrome bumpers and double round tail lights

Small Renault delivery van / truck

Small Renault delivery truck (above). Who knows the model name of this cute vehicle? Please send us an email to!

1968 Bedford CA Dormobile (below). This classic camper would be our favourite choice for a vintage style road trip through South East Asia. It is fully equipped with stove and washbasin in lovely original 60s design.

1968 Bedford CA Dormobile camper

Steyr Diesel Truck Type 380. Some vintage trucks in Thailand would also diserve to be saved from the scrapyard.

Steyr Diesel Type 380 Truck (above). The Type 380 was built between 1948 to 1953. Vintage trucks like this one are welcome at German classic car meetings. Thailand would also have some vintage trucks worth for restoration and collection before they completely disappear.

Pre-war Borgward (below). Gorgeous 4-door convertible limousine. Maybe someone can help us with the correct model name? Please email to!

Pre-war Borgward convertible limousine

Wolseley Six Eighty limousine

Wolseley Six Eighty (above). This quite unknown aristocratic limousine looks a bit like a baby Bentley.

Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato Coupé (below). Lancia's flagship model of the early 60s designed by famous Italian coachbuilder Zagato.

Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato Coupé